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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  April 7, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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neighborhood still out of their homes, evacuated because of a broken gas line. is that gas line finally capped? >> reporter: yes, that gas line is finally capped. but before they were able to cap it and before they can repair it, they needed to let it burn in order to dissipate the gas so that there wouldn't be a danger of any sort of explosion. now that evacuation is related to the fact that those three homes are now, one of them is not livable. take a look behind me. can you still see the work crews behind me on the scene. they are now in what's called cool down mode. one home was completely destroyed by the flames and pretty quickly i may say. another home was affected by the fire, another was scorched. now luckily the families who were home at the time escaped without injury, and there were no injury to firefighters. so right now the focus is on trying to remove some of that debris and manufacture things out of the three families who
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were evacuated were sent to nearby moorehead middle school. this is a very interesting fire in that the firefighters had to stand by and let at that gas line burn. >> there's a ruptured gas line of the so we're allowing it to burn until we can get it shut down by pg&e. the reason being, if we put it out and it starts to build gas in the area, there's possibility of explosion. >> reporter: that gas line has now been capped. it has not been repaired but we saw the p gcht and e crew that normally does that kind of work roll up to the scene. we know that electricity has been restored to the homes as well. the families are at moorehead middle school. as you can see kwithin those pictures, that one home is not going to be livable until the home is rebuilt. there is no known cause of the fire right now. and firefighters are waiting for
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the smoke to dissipate before they can get inside and figure out ha caused the fire and what happened first, the fire or the gas like break. reporting live in san jose. sad for these homeowners. we mentioned the architecture on this street. the homes have historic notoriety. they're eichler. the style of architecture is distinctly modern and came to define what we know as california living. they include glass walls, open floor plans. he built 11,000 of these homes in nine communities from the '50s all the way to the '7 0s. you also see these kind of homes in sunnyvale and palo alto. for photos log onto our website. it was a big day for firefighters. they were called tout a burning motor home that was parked next
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to coyote creek. while they were dowsing those flames they found a man dead inside that rv. that part of the creek is frequented by the homeless, so it's not clear whether the victim was living in the area or had just moved into the mobile home. we're following another developing story. the desperate search for a missing woman from the peninsula. she vanished while hiking in marin county. investigators believe this surveillance photo will help track her down. chase kane joins us where she was last found. >> reporter: neither park rangers or the hiker's parents believe that she would have runaway. this leaves some frightening outcomes as to what may have happened to her. this is very rugged. there are a lot of steep dropoffs. if you don't know where exactly to look for someone, that search could be incredibly difficult.
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two grieving parents struggled to talk. their daughter, a 33-year-old, vanished more than a week ago after setting out for a hike at mt. tam. this snapshot from a surveillance camera is the last known shot of her. >> she's a very strong person, and she loved hiking. she's not one who would leave up. she would fight. so we are very hopeful. >> reporter: marin sheriff's deputies, park rangering and more than 100 volunteers spent the weekend scouring the acres around mt. tam but found no sign
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of the hiker. >> it's an area you can go long distances. and magdalena was a very fit woman, used to hiking, so she could probably cover quite a long distance. >> reporter: for now the search is suspended while park rangers hope for a tip hoping someone saw her on march 30 or even in the days after. and her parents hope that tip comes soon. >> if you look at the picture on the hiking clothes, she looks very happy and enthusiastic. she's not one to give up. >> reporter: and park rangers have been putting these flyers all around the area that has the same surveillance picture that you've seen, asking any one to give park rangers a call if you may have seen her hiking or if you saw which direction she was going. all the heeikers say they've be looking over ravines and down
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cliffs to make sure they didn't see anything. but the parents are hoping for good news soon. chase kane, nbc news. we're learning today that the family saved at sea will likely not have to pay for their rescue. the family has come under a lot of heat online for trying to sail around the world with two young children, including a baby. they were about 1,000 miles off the coast of mexico when their 1-year-old daughter got sick. the boat lost power. so a rescue team from the bay area parachuted to their boat to provide medical aid. the family is aboard a navy frigate, and they should be home on wednesday. the navy sanction their sailboat after the rescue. now to the weather and near record heat on this spring day. live look on your left in san jose and palo alto. hot today and what about
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tomorrow? >> it looks a bit warmer. right now our temperatures are still in the mid-70s around san francisco and oakland. and that is with the sea breeze. and if you compare this to about 24 hours ago, we are still warmer than yesterday. sunshine across the bay area. just a few clouds building over the hilltops and no sign of any low clouds or fog. a bit breezy around san francisco and oak haland right . but it's the low fog and clouds that act as air conditioning. some inland highs in some of the valleys could get close to 90 tomorrow before things change up for the second half of the week. we'll see you shortly. a live look outside, another spot in the bay area where temperatures were in the 80s,
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but there were problems for many people. jodi hernandez in walnut creek and even children impacted by allergies. >> reporter: that's right. allergists say that this allergy season started earlier and has been more severe than normal. but no doubt about it, it has been for just here. take a look at the the view of the park in walnut creek. the summer-like weather definitely has its drawbacks. >> oh, i just feel like we're at the beach. i feel like we're on vacation. >> reporter: vickie dewey couldn't be any happier. she spent her day swimming laps in the sunshine. >> yeah. feels like hawaii. can't have it any better, water and sun combination. >> reporter: the unseasonably warm weather has just about everyone feeling like summer has arrived. parks are filled with picnickers. these folks are visiting from korea. they say this bay area weather
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is tough to beat. >> this california weather is very warm. i love this place. >> reporter: but not everyone's smiling. allergists say this dry werathe and sporadic rain has caused allergies to blossom. >> super hard. >> reporter: little michaela burke's feeling the impact. she's been suffering for months >> it's been runny noses, coughs at night. it's been hard. >> reporter: for those not suffering from sinus problems, embracing the warm weather's been wonderful. many say it's time just to soak it all in. >> i love it. i love this weather. this is the best for me. i'm born and raised in port rico, so i love the heat.
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>> reporter: again, if you don't suffer from allergies, it's been pretty amazing. you're looking at heather farm park and people with their shorts and sunglasses. we could hit the 90s in parts of the bay area tomorrow. i'm jodi hernandez. a followup now on the political scandal surrounding state senate leland yee. jackson was granted pail on friday but federal prosecutors tried to appeal his release. they want jackson back in custody while he awaits trial. he is accused of funneling contributions to yee in exchange for political favors. and more fallout, lawmakers at his online archives have been deleted from the website. the website says district 8 is now represented by leno and
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hill. two other lawmakers facing charges have also been deleted from the website. take a look. car tipping, but only a certain type of car. the damage done is very real. also keeping sex offenders on a very short leash. the new online tool for the peninsula. and it may be hard to believe, but the giants begin their 15th season here at at&t park. we'll have a live report coming up.
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well, for many people, tomorrow is new year's day. sunshine, family tradition and giants baseball. it's the giants home opener. buster, timmy and lou seucille. >> it's a fresh start, a sight every giants fan loves,
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groundskeepers preparing the field for opening day. >> we're on top of the world. >> reporter: when the giants take this field tomorrow for their home opener against the arizona diamondbacks, mike corbett will be ready. like many others, he paid a pre-opening day visit to the dug out store where an orange jersey will only set you back $225 along with an authentic cap. >> i have to get one, i'm a loyal giants fan. you have to get all the new stuff. >> reporter: to a fan who was visiting from that great baseball mecca, germany, he was getting ready for his first game ever. >> it's my first ever visit here. >> reporter: but apparently some traditions are even practiced in europe. >> i have to tell them they have to go. >> reporter: the fans will come by land, gathering en masse
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around willie mays' statue. >> opening day means commodity amongst the giants fans. it's about the love, the team spirit. >> reporter: and in case you're wondering, this year's rally cry is avenue other year. >> we know this is our year. every other year we win. >> i didn't like that, but now i love that theory. >> reporter: for his opening day ritual, giants president will slip into the park and walk the bases for anyone else is around. >> it's the day that everybody sort of feels a sense of renewal. it's the baseball season, it's spring time. >> reporter: nbc bay area news. it's going to be a great day. the game doesn't begin until 1:30 tomorrow afternoon. but we're there along the third-base line now. tell us about it. >> reporter: it's a beautiful night. i'm sure tomorrow will be great
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as well. the giants opened opening day for both the diamondbacks and the dodgers, so they're ready for some pomp and circumstance in front of their own fans. first pitch will be at 1:35. and tim hudson will take the mound for the giants, they're coming off a successful 5-2 road trip. after last night in los angeles, the orange and black not shy about their desire to get back here to at&t park and open things up in the bay. >> i know the guys are looking forward to getting home. we're off tomorrow. a well-deserved day off for them. they played hard this road trip, but i know they're excited to get home. and, you know, we keep getting after it the way they did here on the road. >> that will be our third opening day, so we're excited for it. and yeah. it will be good.
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>> reporter: now the gates open at 11:05, raj. and tomorrow, it's hard to believe will be the 15th opening day here at at&t park. time has really flown by. coming up in sports we'll have more on opening day. >> 15 years. tomorrow we're taking our morning show on the road to the ballpark. today in the bay will have exclusive on-field access. we'll show you all the new features at at&t park like the bowling alley and the vegetable garden in right field. that's tomorrow morning. and first pitch at 1:35 in the afternoon. new tonight at 6:00, access to an online tool that alerts the public about some sex offenders living in some areas. a new website called offender watch. hundreds nationwide already use the site. now some people will be able to see which sex offenders live
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near their homes, schools and work sites. >> if you're concerned about your home address, you can put that in, and if somebody moves in in a couple of months, the program can actually give you a text message or e-mail and you let you know. >> the service is free and completely anonymous. go to the sheriff aesheriff's o website for more information. parking meter rates are now $2 an hour. it used to be $1 an hour. in addition, the meters will be in service seven days a week and enforce the from 10:00 in the morning to 8:00 at night. it's encouraging people to use city garages. city garages cost just 50 cents an hour. after the first hour it's free. >> not long ago it was free to park. we're going way back in time here.
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>> i know those days as well. the sunshine at least for now is still free, and we're seeing plenty of that around the bay area. you can see sunshine from the south bay over to san francisco. and you don't often at this hour see the tower standing out of the fog. nolo clouds there. the cloud cover, what there was of it was about 500 feet. bit of a sea breeze now picking up as you typically get with the warm air rising. you get the late day onshore push of the cooler air. but not the fog that we're accustomed to. the fog lurking offshore as winds turn more strongly onshore later this week, that's going to lead to some cooling. but it's actually good news for plans outside tomorrow. you'll see this coming up, just some passing high clouds during the day tomorrow. maybe some passing fog around
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bodega bay. but other than that, that's about the only thing filtering the sun at times. should be a gorgeous day for opening day at apartmentt&t par. the typical sea breeze does come back, but it looks like a warm day out there with an early afternoon start at at&t park. but that 80 looks school compared to where sunol is headed. the sea breeze starts to drop our temperatures down by the end of the week. we'll have a full look in the forecast. still ahead here at 6:00, what this man is accused of doing at a peninsula deli that has police anxious to track him down. plus a possible breakthrough in the fight against breast cancer, a new drug showing promising results.
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new hope tonight in the fight against breast cancer. an experimental drug is showing early results. current drugs work for about ten months. the drug is among a new class of drugging that target specific proteins. the drug needs more testing before the fda will approve it. trials are still under way for the treatment of lung cancer. the stephanie chuang joins us. >> this is about erasing the stigma of lung cancer and showing it's not just a quote smokers disease. last november, this mother of
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two was diagnosed with lung cancer at stage four. it's a shocking diagnosis because she's never smoked a day in her life. she was targeted for a certain type of gene mutation, and she had it. >> if there was a cancer lottery, i feel like i had won it because i didn't have to go through chemotherapy or radiation. at least not yet. >> the question is what treatment has she been receiving. that answer tonight at 11:00, plus how it's impacted molly and her cancer. stephanie chuang. the obesity rate in the u.s. is the highest it's ever been but not necessarily in the south bay. the sunnyvale area is the eighth least obese community in the nation. boulder, colorado, the least obese followed by naples, florida and ft. collins,
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colorado. the most obese communities are in huntington, west virginia and the ashland, kentucky. also on the list, mcallen, texas and hagerstown, maryland. it's a promising lead, what's giving searchers new hope as they frantically work to track down that missing malaysian jetliner. car tipping. i'll tell you where it's happening and what police are doing about it. and i'm kris sanchez in san jose where a very picturesque home is now a pile of rubble. we'll show you what happened in this neighborhood when fire broke out.
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if you're just now tuning in, it has been an intense afternoon in san jose. flames and smoke visible for miles across santa clara county, but at this hour firefighters are mopping up that fire that destroyed one home and damaged two others. >> this happened on mossbrook
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circle. fire very tough to fight because of a broken gas line that kept firefighters at a distance. kris sanchez joins us live. >> reporter: we were able to walk a little closer to the scene, and we watched as pg&e crews used a backhoe to dig up under the concrete to find the source of that broken gas line. it is now capped, but it is still leaking just a little bit of gas, and that is posing a bit of a danger. we were asked to remove ourselves from the situation. we know that this was a very fast-moving fire that destroyed that home very quickly, even though firefighters were able to get here within moments of that call. that fire quickly went to three alarm. the roof collapsed, and there were three, perhaps four cars that were burned before that fire spread. a second home, we could see, was burned to where you could see inside the home. so part of that home affected. another home affected just a little bit less. both of those homes livable.
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however, the main home is not. it's a total disaster. luckily the families who were home at the time escaped outinjury, but, again, the focus is on the gas line that the pg&e crews are now trying to dig up. the fire captain talks about why they had to let that gas burn. >> there's a ruptured gas line. so we're allowing it to burn. the reason being if we put it out and it starts to fill gas in the area, there's a possibility of explosion. that as why we're so far back. >> reporter: it's too soon to tell whether the gas leak happened first or the fire happened first. but pg&e say the leak happened when their meter was damaged in that home bit fire. now all three families were evacuated to near by mooreland middle school. fortunately, no one was injured in the fire. and despite the gas leak, there are no other evacuations under
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way, and there was no shelter in place ordered for this neighborhood or the school where class was in session when this fire started. this is one of the most iconic neighborhoods known for the eichler architecture. this neighborhood also filing the pain along with the homeown homeowner who was displaced. >> we will continue the coverage on our website. this is right near the west gate shopping center. check it out at we have new details on a story getting international attention. we're he a talking about car tipping. it happened several times in the wee hours of the morning. nbc bay area's cheryl hurd joins us. this is a serious crime. >> reporter: very serious crime. when we got here, this smart car
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was parked right there in an open space, and when we got here, it was tipped on its side. a tow truck driver came and righted it, and it's gone. about a half hour ago a woman jumped inside and drove away. she ended up being one of the lucky ones. >> it's a bummer. it's a bummer. >> reporter: that's how shelly feels about this smart car being tipped over on its side. it's not even her car. she just happened to be taking care of it for a friend rs and she's bummed out because this happened. >> they're getting the attention that they want, unfortunately. i think it's ignorant, and if this were my only karks i'd be really sad. >> reporter: in all, four smart car owners are not happy today. police were called to several locations near the mission district early this morning. brandon michael saw a group of vandals flip one car over. >> i was just enjoying a
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cigarette upstairs, and all of a said i see eight hooded figures walk out from like the corner over here. and walk up to the car. i thought at the looked like they were up to no good. and then sure enough, they walk up to this smart car right here, all huddle around it, and then just lift it up and set it on its behind legs. >> reporter: police don't know if it's a horrible prank or a political statement against technology. no one is claiming responsibility. >> we do believe that all four of them were fitted by the same group of individuals. we have a witness identifying this as six to eight suspects wearing black headed sweatshirts. >> reporter: she says she didn't hear or see anything suspicious in her neighborhood, but she has a hufrns who might be doing this. >> i think it as just a bunch of punks. but it certainly could be a political statement. >> reporter: police are looking
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for surveillance tape catching those vandals in the act. if you can help, contact the san francisco police department. reporting live, i'm cheryl hurd. gunshots rang out around 3:00 in south san jose. one man was wounded and is in the hospital tonight. it happened on snow drive near samuel stipe elementary school. they say the victim is talking and may be able to provide information. now to the ongoing saga regarding flight 370. families held a candlelight vigil in beijing to mark the one month anniversary since the plane just disappeared. searchers heard signals, possibly coming from the flight's black boxes. on sunday, an australian ship heard two pings which is now narrowing the search. today crews were back out trying
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to zero in on the location. the signals will soon die off, which will make them very difficult to find. >> it will be the first time we've been able to go without debris and locate the so-called plaque boxes. >> if the black box location is known, another drone would retrieve the recorders. mickey rooney is remembered for his multiple marriages and dramas off screen. he was most famous as a teenager as an actor starring in several musicals with a very young judy garland. at 19, he was the world's biggest box office star. he later said, when i was 40, nobody wanted my. i couldn't even get a job. he managed to come back on broadway and earn nominations in
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his later years. he was 93 years old. a new dmv office is about to open in the south bay. still ahead, why only a select group of people will be allowed inside. plus the latest report card air travel, about an airline here in the bay area. and a warm evening, still 70s and low 80s in the area. and we'll be approaching 90. a look at the summer-like forecast straight ahead.
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take a good look. can you identify this man? san francisco police say he
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assaulted an employee at the jailhouse deli. the cashier refused to sell him cigarettes after asking for id. he punched the cashier in the face. virgin airlines is flying high. it is ranked number one in the country, followed by jet blue and i willi hawaiien airlines. passengers have simply lowered their expectations and standards. >> i think that a loot t of the complaints have gone down because people have given up. >> if it shows up within a half hour of when it's supposed to and gets there and my baggage gets there. i'm out of there. >> the airlines are promising to do a better job after some new
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mergers go through. so is she making a run for the white house? that's one of the questions for hillary clinton as she gets set to headline two events this week. tomorrow it will be a marketing summit. then she'll speak at a woman's lecture series. you'll need tickets to both events if you'd like to hear hillary speak. ron paul is also scheduled for two bay area events this week. he'll be speaking in heyward on wednesday and on thursday. san francisco already has the highest minimum wage in the nation, but now they want to raise it even higher. currently, it's $10.74 an hour. paperwork was filed today to raise it to $15 per hour by
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2017. they'll need thousands of signatures to get the proposal on the november ballot. it may say spring on the thermometer, but it's summer in the bay area. >> today, 70s and 80s outside. but a few spots tomorrow could be approaching 90 degrees. we'll have a look at that summer-like forecast coming up. good evening. the giants begin their 15th season tomorrow. we'll talk about opening day and show you highlights from the a's first road win of the season.
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construction of apple's new spaceship kpugs in cupertino is behind schedule. that's creating good news and bad news for commuters in the area. signs that warned for weeks of
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the closure of the avenue, but now they're dark because it's taking construction crews longer to rerout sewage and utility lines. the work means fewer lanes on both roads for a few more weeks, but the upside is that the prune ridge will remain open during that work. >> we're trying to minimize the delays, but the longer, the longer the delays are, the longer the whole thing's going to take. >> well, some business owners in the area say the traffic is yes, ma'am panting their businesses. others say they look forward to what apple's growth will mean for cupertino. relief on the way for long dmv offices. a third office is being opened to deal with a million and a half undocumented immigrants who can now get a driver's license.
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it is located in the southeast portion of san jose. >> reporter: the city of san jose endorsed the idea, but walk into a dm skrchdmv office and yt varying opinions about sharing the road with undocumented immigrants. the lines at the dmv aren't getting any shorter. add 1.4 million more drivers statewide, and you can imagine the headaches. that's what's going to happen when undocumented immigrants are allowed to apply for a driver's license in california next january. so the dmv is opening four new offices statewide to handle the influx, including one at this vacant building on center road in san jose. >> then more people can go to that one instead of this one. >> reporter: veronica chavez likes the new rules. mark also likes getting a new
6:46 pm
dmv office until he found out the reason. you don't mind sharing the road with undocumented immigrants? >> undocumented? i think that's a gray area. >> reporter: critics say undocumented immigrants have no right to drive in this country. opponents argue they're driving anyway, so if they're licensed they'll improve safety. this man and his fellow day workers say they know they can get in a lot of trouble driving without a license, so it will be a big relief in and when they can do it legally. the new offices will be temporary to handle the increase in applicants, and they will only accommodate people applying for the first time, including high school students. >> of course i hope there are new safety courses along with that. >> reporter: this will be the only one opened in northern california. three other locations are in the
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county of los angeles, county of orange and one other city. let's turn things over to rob mayeda. >> it's not often we look at this board and see almost everybody has the exact same type of weather out there. we've got sunshine, temperatures in the 70s and 80s. even though the late day sea breeze has picked up, it is not bringing in fog. we have onshore winds 5 to 10 miles per hour. in san jose, it's still 81 degrees. up to 15-mile-per-hour winds at time. the push is moving through the bay area, but it doesn't have the low clouds or the coolant to the low clouds to drop the temperatures off a whole lot. 24 hours ago we were in the 60s and 70s. the temperature change that we're seeing right now, 5 to 10 degrees. we will likely see these same
6:48 pm
temperature changes as we go into tomorrow. warmer start to the day tomorrow. same a sunshine, and we could get close to 90 in some spots around the bay area. if the winds are onshore, they will shut done off 9:00 tonight and briefly turn onshore. we look to have a very warm day as we see the low cloud cover well offshore. so no stratus or low clouds or fog. just patchy low clouds along the coast. around the usual places. and then some high clouds at times coming in for the afternoon. so mostly sunny throughout the day and not much fog to speak of. we'll see 70s there. and it should be a beautiful sunset tomorrow. we have some heat setting up for now as high pressure holds strong, keeps things plenty toasty. later in the week we're going to see this area of low pressure
6:49 pm
move into central and southern california. that is going to trigger a stronger sea breeze, and more fog. so thursday into friday, temperatures dropping a good 10 to 15 degrees from the very summer-like temperatures we'll see around here come tomorrow. how about 90 around morgan hill tomorrow. saratoga also near 90. 85 in san jose. around san francisco, 80s. and notice the temperatures in the north bay around 90 in napa and santa rosa, tri valley, too. and oakland tomorrow about 84 degrees. the three day outlook shows you the drop as the air conditioning starts to kick in. you see the numbers tumble down. the temperature also likely peak. and it gives us fantastic
6:50 pm
baseball weather. 80 degrees to get the game started, dropping into the 70s as the game goes on. >> it will be nice at the ballpark. let's get to sports. based on rob's forecast he could spend the night on the field tonight. >> reporter: i tell you what, i don't even think you need a sleeping bag right now, it's so beautiful. hearing what rob said about tonight. but after a 5-2 roady, the giants looking forward to an opening day here against the arizona diamondbacks. tim hudson gets a call for a first pitch at 1:35. they won both of those series, but they are ready for some home cooking and a chance to play in front of their own fans. even the players are a little interested in tomorrow's pre-game activities. >> it's always exciting. i know the guys are ready to get back home. it's exciting to see what
6:51 pm
they're going to bring out for the home opener. they're always pretty creative. so we're looking forward to it. >> reporter: now if you can't escape work for the festivities, you can catch all the action on comcast sports nest bay area. tim hudson against trevor cahill, a 1:35 first pitch. and the a's opening up against minnesota. harris has a new look. but would this help his performance on the field. pick it up on the second. ses pa dpegs scores. going, going, gone. but it's called foul. the umps would review the play. very close, as you see, but the call stands, foul ball. still in the third. runners on second and third. brandon moss comes up clutch,
6:52 pm
and oakland rolling. now to the sixth. norris at the dish, and he's going big fly to center field. that's a 400 foot bomb, his first of the year. and the a's win, 8-3. >> i didn't see him very well. i've never really faced him a whole lot. i didn't have an idea what to do. after my first at bat kind of developed a plan of what i wanted to do. and it worked out >> that's a great look. just looking at you right there with a full catching gear and the full beard and the headset, we appreciate you coming out. you had a great game. >> thank you. talking hoops. richmond finished 37th on the nba's score list. he averaged over 22 points per
6:53 pm
game during thinks brief three-year stint with the warriors. others voted in include coaches nolan richardson and gary williams. and the women's team from i immaculatea college. new raiders quarterback matt schaub back in houston hosting his celebrity golf event. happy for a fresh start and a chance to move forward. >> it's the ultimate compliment. it's what you want as a player, to know that the organization you're a part of and the coaching staff believes in you and has the confidence in you and wants you to come in and do a job. that's all you can ask and want of a player. so i'm excited about that
6:54 pm
opportunity and looking forward to getting started. >> and of course johnny manziel taking his visit with the raiders yesterday. should be interesting to see what they do with that fifth pick in the upcoming draft. we're talking baseball tomorrow. back to you. >> you think larry knows that he's spending the night at the ballpark? >> that he's squatting at the ballpark? hopefully a concession stand is open. >> we're back in a moment. stay with us.
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finally, tonight.
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we've seen plenty of fights at hockey games but never at a charity game. this was an all-out brawl at this charity game, it was the cops versus firefighter game in new york in long island. i'm not sure who won the fight, but the police department won the game. where's the spirit in the charity? >> firefighters and cops are supposed to be on the same team. >> that's it for us tonight at 6:00. it's going to be a nice opening day at the ballpark. can we take a peek at the ballpark? where is he? >> he's at the vegetable garden in center field. >> we'll see you at 11:00.
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the new gwyneth divorce bombshell. did chris martin cheat with a "saturday night live" staffer? now on "extra." >> chris martin's snl affair. did he really hook up after coldplay performed on the show? gwyneth's ex takes on the salacious headlines today. only on "extra," jay leno's first words about letterman's retirement. >> he and i are going to do the sunshine boys on broadway. >> are you? >> could jay take over for dave? blake shelton versus britney. his on-air diss at the acm awards with britney's sister in the audience. >> go down the block and see britne


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